this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy

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The Daily Prophet, by: MinaLima.


Stay positive and don’t take what people say about you too seriously. I still have problems with that.

fashion encyclopedia: Ashi Studio fall 2014 couture


the definition of a healthy lifestyle is not working out all the time, eating fruits and vegetables and lifting.

a healthy lifestyle is doing whatever you like, smiling, inner peace, eating whatever you like and whatever is good for your body and your soul, loving, being happy, laughing with the ones you love, feeling comfortable with your body and being positive. enjoy being alive.

me on my way home from class: oh man i'm gonna get so much work done let me make a to do list and get that shit done quickly and effectively i'm so pumped
me the second i get home: nah
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do you ever look at your url and go “hell yeah”


friend makes a vague post and you’re worried it’s about you cause if it was it’d be true